Hearing Aid Express is a Provider of Texas Medicaid Hearing Aid Benefits

May 22nd, 2009

Medicaid Hearing Aid Benefits

The State of Texas, through TMHP (Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership) offers generous hearing aid benefits to qualified Medicaid recipients. You can now receive those Medicaid hearing aid benefits at Hearing Aid Express.

What Are the Medicaid Hearing Benefits?

Medicaid recipients are entitled to a free hearing test. If you have a hearing loss that falls within TMHP’s guidelines you may be eligible for hearing aids at no cost to you.

Did the Medicaid Hearing Benefits Change?

Yes they have! Before, Medicaid would only provide one hearing aid every six years. Now, they provide up to two hearing aids every five years.

What if Medicaid Already Gave Me a Hearing Aid?

If you have a hearing loss in both ears, you may be eligible for a hearing aid for the ear that wasn’t fit. If the last time you got a hearing aid through Medicaid was more than five years ago you may be eligible for two hearing aids.

How Do I Find Out if I am Eligible?

Call us! You will need to have a copy of your current Medicaid card. We can verify your benefits online with TMHP.

How Do I Use My Hearing Aid Benefits?

First you will need to see a medical doctor. The doctor will examine your ears to make sure there aren’t any medical conditions that need to be treated. If there aren’t any medical reasons that would keep you from being fit with a hearing aid, your doctor signs a “Physician’s Examination Report” and gives a copy of it to you. We need a signed copy of this form before we can test your hearing. Your doctor’s office should have a copy of this form (called a B.41). You can also pick up a copy of the form at any Hearing Aid Express office, call us and we will fax one to you, or click here to download a copy that you can print.

What if Medicaid Made Me Enroll in a Private Plan like Ameriroup?

Hearing Aid Express is a network provider for a number of Medicaid private plans. We can help you if you are enrolled with Traditional Medicaid, Amerigroup, Molina, certain Evercare plans and others. Get your current Medicaid card, call our office and we will check your benefits for you!

Where Do I Go To Get My Hearing Benefits?

Visit any Hearing Aid Express location. We have four offices in Houston, three in Dallas and two in Austin. To see which location is closest to you, click here.

What if I Still Have Questions?

Call us! We will be glad to help:

Houston: (800) 348-2018

Dallas: (800) 628-8250

Austin: (877) 512-4327