Hearing Aid Express sells fresh hearing aid batteries for only 50¢ each. That is the same price as when we started back in 1989.

We sell hundreds of thousands of hearing aid batteries every year. This helps us keep our prices low. Because we sell so many, we are always getting new shipments in. So you know that your hearing aid batteries will be fresh.

Brand Name Hearing Aid Batteries

We offer brand-name hearing aid batteries including Rayovac and Lightning in all sizes. All of our hearing aid batteries – any size or brand – are still just 50¢ each. We suggest you compare prices for batteries at other hearing aid offices, the grocery store or the drugstore. We think you will find that our hearing aid battery prices are among the lowest available.

We can also mail batteries to you for only 50¢ each plus a small charge for postage and handling.

To order, call any of our stores Monday – Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM central time.

Not sure if we carry your battery size? Most likely we do; just call any of our locations and have a battery package handy.

Fresh hearing aid batteries for only 50¢ each.

Just one more way that Hearing Aid Express is making better hearing more affordable.


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