Current Models

  • Hearing Aid Resound Alera
  • Hearing Aid Resound Live
  • Hearing Aid Resound Verso

ReSound is part of the Great Nordic group, a world leader in the hearing aid industry. ReSound products are distributed at hearing aid clinics like Hearing Aid Express and at select ENT and Audiologist offices. ReSound’s parent, Great Nordic also owns Beltone Hearing Aids and Interton hearing aids.

ReSound launched the Open-Fit hearing aid phenomenon with the introduction of the ReSound Air. They continue to be an innovator in advanced digital hearing aids. Their most recent addition is the Alera which offers wireless connections to your television and cell phone in addition to advanced sound processing in their digital hearing aids.

ReSound provides a full family of hearing aids for a variety of hearing needs. They also have a tinnitus treatment product, the Live TS which has provided relief to many people who suffer from “ringing in the ears”.

From their days of developing hearing aids using AT&T technology with Bell Labs technology to their most recent advances in sound processing, ReSound continues to advance as part of one of the world’s largest hearing aid companies. ReSound hearing products can be found in more than 80 countries around the world.

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