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Member of the band? Hear this.

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Member of the band? Hear this.

You’re the music person. You’re in a local band, you sing in the choir. Maybe in school you were in the band, or orchestra or any number of musical options junior high and high school allow. When a song comes on you probably know all the names of artists and albums not to mention the year it came out. If you identify awesome! You’re the best person around to hang out with at shows, listen to music with and hear all the interesting things you never knew about music.

Unfortunately, this also means you might need some ear protection, an annual hearing test, and maybe some hearing equipment.

If you have a history of listening to, or being around loud music, say in band class, or in nightclubs (yes, we already established you’re the life of the party) you may be damaging your hearing. Say, damaging it more than those boring non-music people for example. Don’t fret (no pun intended) there are things you can do to protect and manage your hearing.

Hearing is important, right? Otherwise how are you going to hear all that great music? Protecting your ears is important. Purchase some type of hearing protection, and you have lots of choices. When it comes to hearing protection there is over ear, in-the ear, disposable, reusable. You have plenty of choices – the key is to make one and ensure you use it when exposed to loud music.

That’s a start. Next, you want to add an annual hearing test to your to-do list. Getting your hearing tested to get your baseline hearing is important. Plus, testing your hearing annually is just as important as your yearly eye exam, or that twice a year dental cleaning.

Lastly, if you find yourself with a bit of hearing loss from all that musical Nirvana – you have lots of hearing assistance options. Consult your local hearing care specialist for guidance on hearing protection, your annual hearing test, and your equipment options – You party animal you.