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Hearing Aid Fitting & Dispensing

Successful fitting is the key!

A successful hearing aid fitting is more than just selecting the correct device. The hearing aid must be the right device, must fit correctly in the ear, and must provide proper amplification. A proper fitting serves several important purposes and is critical for any new hearing aid wearer. We will order your hearing aids and other amplification devices after your hearing aid evaluation.


At your fitting appointment, our hearing professionals will verify that the hearing aids are working properly and are programmed specifically to your hearing needs.

Hearing Aid Fitting & Programming in Texas

The Fitting Process

During the hearing aid dispensing, you will be taught about hearing aid features and how they can be optimized for your normal listening environments and lifestyles.


Today’s hearing aids are advanced digital instruments. They are smaller, less conspicuous, and perform better than hearing aids in the past. A proper physical fit and setting verification is critical to improve your hearing.

The Adjustment Process

Adjustments must be made to amplify soft sounds without making the other sounds too loud. Hearing is subjective, so your settings will be different than someone else’s settings. Even people with identical hearing loss will have different preferences as to how their hearing aids are programmed.


After you are fitted, our audiologists will make sure your hearing is the best it can be with additional follow-up testing and programming adjustments, if needed.

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